The new and improved ducksuite - Ducksuite

The new and improved ducksuite

We are excited to announce the launch of ducksuite! Our goal for this relaunch is to create a user-friendly and effortless experience.

Behind the launch
It has been an incredible journey ever since we first started planning the project. Months have gone by, and they have been packed with countless decisions, hard work, and tons of excitement. Today, we can proudly present to you our new and improved website and platform. We cannot wait to see what the next few months will bring – we can only hope that you will join us, or simply follow us on this amazing journey. But hang on. Before you pack your bags, take a look below and just skim a few of our changes and updates. You might not be as excited as we are right now … but we do hope to capture your interest (fyi free trial link is situated at the top-right corner of the homepage – no pressure guys).

New logo & homepage 
Starting a brand new chapter, we thought it important to start from the very beginning; giving the website a whole new look, and what better way to do this than create a new logo? Yes, the new logo is indeed a different duck. Additionally, we wanted to bring our attention to the homepage, and one thing was clear – it must be easy to navigate and understand. You will quickly discover how the structure allows you to easily skim the content, providing you with a quick-read.

We have done our best to create a universe that consists of great cases and statements from our customers, allowing you to gain more insight into what it means to be part of ducksuite, and providing you with the necessary ducksuite knowledge. All information about the new platform, pricing and packages we offer, can be found on the website – see which solution best suits your needs. Do not worry, no one will get left out; we have packages and prices that are adapted to all types of businesses. Interested to find out what you can achieve through our services? Stop whatever you are doing and start your free trial today. It is really straightforward. There are no complications. No technical difficulties. Just click the big yellow button that says ‘free trial’ and you are off the ground!

New platform & features 
There are a ton of changes and updates that have been tailored just for our customers and visitors. We have done everything possible to give you the ideal user-experience topped with a brand new design that (if we must say so ourselves) captures the eye with its calming colours and simple style – we are almost certain that you will enjoy it!

Our new platform consists of various features that will benefit your business and satisfy your marketing needs. You will now be able to match the content with your own website. That is, you can put your company’s own look and feel on the content, and publish in different layouts. Additionally, you will receive updates when a customer mentions or tags your brand in their photo or video. The content will be showcased to you real-time, giving you the opportunity to collect your customers’ latest images and videos.

We have tailored three different ducksuite packages that will help your business thrive. No matter which package you choose, you can create the ultimate shopping experience for your customers with our new shoppable feature – allowing you to humanize your brand in a way that will increase your relationship to your customers. By showcasing real-life content on your website, your customers will feel inspired to purchase the products featured on the photos.  With one click, your customers can easily purchase your products from the photos – making their entire buying experience more easy. Simply put, they go from ‘discovery’ to ‘check out’. Additionally, through our analytics feature, you can improve your business by measuring results; see which photos and videos are driving the most engagement and revenue, and compare your customers’ photos to your normal sale from your web shop.

We hope that our new design, features and improvements will be to your liking, and we promise you that the new ducksuite will provide you with a great experience of our universe. If you have any questions or feedback, please send us an email or reach out on the chat. And if you do not have any questions right now – sign up for our email newsletter. We would love to be email buddies with you.

See you soon