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Tag Manager

documentation for setting up Tag Manager on your website

Step 1

Start by tagging images in the feature Tag Manager in ducksuite. We suggest you use product id’s or something similar which is unique to each product as tags, so that later you can just insert the script in your product page template and let your CMS take care of changing each tag depending on which product the user is looking at.

Step 2

Make sure your domain is whitelisted in ducksuite by clicking on the cog in the top right corner and then clicking on MY DOMAINS.

Step 3

Now copy the script from ducksuite by clicking the copy-button underneath the script. You will see a message that it has been successfully copied in the top right corner.

Step 4

Login to your CMS and navigate to the product or page template that you wish to insert the script into.

Step 5

Paste the script where you want it. 

  • If you want the script to appear in a specific container you can replace “ducksuite_container1” with the container id that you want us to inject the gallery into (for example if you use Google Tag Manager). If this is left unchanged the gallery will appear in the same place the script has been inserted.

Step 6

Now replace the “insert-tag-here” part with your own tag. The easiest thing to do is to use product sku’s or other unique id for each product and let the CMS insert it as a tag for you. That way you only need to insert one script and not a script for every product.

  • Make sure the tag that is inserted is a string. If it is not a string, it will not work.

Step 7

Save your changes in your CMS and check that your gallery is showing up.


The following script has been modified to use a tag called ducksuitetag and it is using a container with the id ducksuite-gallery 

<script id=”ducksuite_script_ducksuite_container1″ src=”//api.ducksuite.com/v2/ducksuite_widget.js”></script>

<script>var ducksuite = new DucksuiteWidget(“ducksuitetag”, “slideshow”, “ducksuite- gallery”,document.location.hash); ducksuite.setupWidget(true);</script>