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Privacy Policy 

It is important for us to protect and respect your privacy. In addition to the ducksuite solution of user-generated content, a fundamental goal for us is to treat your personal data properly and appropriately so that you can feel comfortable with the cooperation.

We have high ethical standards and have established internal procedures that ensure that we treat your personal data in the best way possible. In our privacy policy, you can read the terms of the processing of your personal data and the rights you have in connection with the use of our website, the ducksuite solution and other services.

If you have any questions or comments to our privacy policy – or you would like to contact us in addition, please fin our contact information in the bottom of our privacy policy.

What is personal data?

Personal data can be many things. It can be a name, address and phone number. It can also be a picture or IP address. Personal data is all form of information that can be used to identify a person. It is therefore not only the individual information that determines whether something can be called personal data. If multiple personal data can not individually identify a person, but together they have the character of personal data.

What personal data we collect and for what purpose

ducksuite provides a online solution for using user-generated content on your website, to create shoppable galleries and analyzing the effect.

In this regard, we collect and process a number of data depending on the situation. Under each headings below, you will find information about our processing of personal data in the specific situation.

When you visit our website or our pages on social media

We use cookies to optimize our maketing and operation of our website. You can read more about our cookie use in the cookie policy here, where you also can see how long they are stored on your computer and how to manually delete them.

We use Google Analytics to understand the use and improve of our website. This processing includes your public IP address, information about the pages visited and the actions taken on the website. We store the information for 26 months after the last visit for the IP address, after which the information is automatically deleted.

When you visit us on our Facebook page, you must first and foremost know that Facebook collects information about you and that we access some of the information. We are jointly responsible with Facebook to take care of your personal data and comply with the rules. It is a new situation and we are awaiting further information from Facebook and the danish Data Authority.

Read more about privacy protection at Facebook here.

When you sign up for our newsletter

If you sign up for our newsletter, we only ask for your email address. We ask for the information in order for the service to work, so we know who we should send the newsletters to. In principle, we do not delete your information, but you can unsubscribe from the newsletter at any time. This is done easiest and fastest by clicking on the “unsubscribe” link found in the bottom of our newsletter.

Alternatively you can write to us directly at Then we will unsubscribe and delete your email address. Our basis for collecting and storing your email address is the consent you gave us when you signed up for the newsletter.

When you are a customer or possible customer

In our marketing, we identify and appeal to customers that we believe could benefit from our solution. We do this through collecting information from public sources (eg. websites, traditional and social media, CVR registry). Of course, we respect advertising protection and similar rules. It could also be that you contact us and start a dialog.

The collected information is processed in our online customer management system (CRM) and our email system. This also applies to the information we collect over time and through dialogue with the various companies.

The types of personal data we normally collect are:

  • Name and contact information (eg. email address, phone number)
  • Notes from our dialogue – for example, what you need the ducksuite solution for, the decision-making process etc. (Please note that we do not treat personally sensitive data)

Our basis for processing this information is a legitimate interest, since legal marketing is a natural part of doing business.

In addition to the above personal data, when you become customer we also normally treat:

  • CVR number (Personal data if the company is personally owned)
  • Credit card information
  • IP address (at first purchase and payment)
  • Transaction number (by purchase and payment)

Our basis for processing the information is that we can fulfill the agreement (contract) with you to provide access to the ducksuite platform. We regularly delete data when we no longer need to process them. However, special rules may mean that we may or shall process data for a long period of time.

When you use the ducksuite platform

As customer and user of the ducksuite platform we collect information about you as a customer and user. Information used to give you access to the system and information about your use of the system.

The types of personal data we treat are:

  • Name and login information
  • Name of company you represent
  • Credit card information
  • IP address (at first purchase and payment)
  • Transaction number (for purchase and payment)
  • Login information (eg. time, IP address)
  • Associated Facebook and Instagram profile

Our basis for processing the information is that we can fulfill the agreement (contract) with you to provide access to the ducksuite platform. We regularly delete data when we no longer need to process them. However, special rules may mean that we may or shall process data for a long period of time.

When your Instagram posts are being used in the ducksuite platform

When one of our customers finds and selects one of your Instagram posts, processing of personal information may occur. Our customer is responsible for this processing (so-called data controller) and ducksuite acts as a data processor on behalf of the customer. We act according to instructions from the data controller and according to a data processing agreement, and this privacy policy does not apply to the processing.

When you are a supplier or partner

When our company is a customer of yours (or your workplace), it means that we also process personal data about you in that situation. You typically give us your name, phone number and email address so we know who we are dealing with. The information is necessary for us so that we get the service we have agreed with you.

Our basis for processing the information is that we together can fulfill the agreement (contract) or the cooperation. In addition, it is also our legitimate interest so that we can use for example warranty or other requirements, such as due to product liability or advisory responsibility. We regularly delete data when we no longer need to process them. However, special rules may mean that we may or shall process data for a long period of time.

Cookie Policy

What is a cookie

Today, virtually all websites use cookies. In many cases, cookies are required to provide proper service on the website. A cookie is a passive file that can not collect the information that is on your computer or spread computer viruses  and other malware. A cookie allows you to recognize your computer and gather information about which pages and features are visited with your browser. But cookies can not tell who you are, what your name is, where you live, or if your computer is used by one or more people. It also can not spread computer viruses or malware.

Some cookies are only stored on your IT equipment as long as you have your browser open, so-called session cookies. Other cookies are stored on your IT equipment for a long period of time, so-called persistent cookies. When you return to a website, the cookie is typically renewed completely automatically. Often cookies are stored from parties other than the one who owns the website (third-party cookies). These can be common content cookies, but also analytics tools and embedded comments.

Cookies on

Cookies are required to make the website work. Cookies also help us to gain an overview of your visit to the website so that we can continually optimize and target the website to your needs and interests. For example, cookies may remember if you have previously visited the page, if you are logged in and which language you would like to display on the website.

We also use cookies to target our ads to you on other websites. In general, cookies are used as part of our service to display content to you that is as relevant as possible. Here is the overview of the website’s use of cookies, and our collaborators in this regard:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Google Analytics
  • WordPress

How to handle your cookies

It depends on your browser how to delete or avoid placing cookies on your IT equipment. We recommend that you search the Internet for example, on Google, following instructions on how your browser is handling cookies.

All Danish websites are required to inform about the use of cookies. The information must be in accordance with the “Order of Information and Consent for Storage and Access to End User Terminal Equipment” (also know as Cookie notice).

Contact information

If you have any questions or comments to our cookie policy – or you would like to contact us in addition, please fin our contact information in the bottom of our privacy policy.

Other recipients

In some cases, we leave your personal information to our collaborators and suppliers, such as IT vendors, marketing agencies, newsletter service providers etc. These collaborators only treat personal data on our behalf and in accordance with our instructions. We may also disclose your information to external third parties if we are required to do so or it is part of the service we provide to you. For example, it may be payment acquirer, tax or other public authorities.

You have rights

In this section you can read that you have a number of rights in connection with our processing of your personal data. If you want to know more or take advantage of your rights, you will find our contact information at the bottom of the Privacy Policy.

You have, among other things:

Right to get wrong personal data corrected

You can always get the personal data that we possess corrected.

Right to access your personal data and obtain a copy

You can get insight into the personal data we have registred about you and receive a copy of the information. You can also get information about the purpose of the processing, how long we store your personal data, if we make automatic decisions (including profiling), who we pass on the personal data to and from where we have the personal data. The right to get access may be limited for the protection of other people’s personal data and to our trade secrets.

Right to delete your personal data

You may require to delete the information that we have registered about you before the time of our regular deletion unless we have a legitimate basis for processing the information. We continuously investigate whether there is information that we no longer need and which we can delete.

Right to revoke consent

If we process personal data about you based on your consent, you may revoke your consent at any time.

Right to require information about transfer to contries and organizations outside the EU

You can be informed if we send personal data to contries outside the EU. We send certain information to the United States, but exclusively to companies that have joined EU-US Privacy Shield Agreement, which the EU has entered into with the United States. The agreement means that US companies commits to complying with applicable privacy rules.

Right to avoid profiling

You are entitled to avoid us making profiles of your personal data. We can disclose that in ducksuite we do not make profiles based on your personal data.

You can complain

We make every effort to ensure that all your personal data in processed safely and that your rights are respected. We regularly review our procedures and the handling of personal data to ensure this. If in your opinion, we do not treat your inquiry and your rights in accordance with the law, please contact us by email.

We will return to you as soon as possible so that we can clarify your personal data and personal rights. If you continue to believe that we do not process your inquiry and your rights in accordance with the law, you have the opportunity to appeal to the Data Authority:

Data Authority
Borgergade 28
1300 Copenhagen K

Phone: +45 33 19 32 00

Only for adults

Our company is targeted to other business and adults. We do not conscious collect personal data from children. We are realistic about the fact that for example, children’s use of electronic devices means that we can never know with 100% certainty that we do not receive personal data about children.

We have tried to adapt our systems to the best of our ability so we can not receive personal data from children and we will delete the information immediately if we become aware that we have accidentally received personal data about children. If you are a parent or guardian and believe that your child has provided personal data to us deliberately or unconsciously, please contact us.

How do we secure your personal data?

We make every effort to protect your personal data. Both because it follows from the legislation, but primarily because our own ethical values require that we take good care of your personal data. We use relevant and sound technical and organizational safeguards to ensure that we comply with our security policy while meeting the requirements for implementing appropriate security measures. The purpose of this is to ensure the quality and integrity of your personal information.


Should our security measures be compromised, we will notify you if the incident entails a high risk of your rights.

Links to other webpages

On our website there may be links to websites that do not belong to our company. We are not responsible for the content on these websites and our privacy policy does not apply to these companies’ websites.

Contact information

You can at anytime contact us if you have questions about our data and privacy protection or to use your rights. Contact us directly at Ducksuite ApS is the data controller and ensures that your personal data is processed in accordance with the law.

Ducksuite ApS
Dronning Olgas Vej 26B
2000 Frederiksberg

CVR: 35814108
Phone number: +45 50 50 50 24

Updating of our privacy policy

We update our privacy policy when we consider it necessary. This may be for example, when we provide new features or services. The latest and current version of privacy policy can always be found on this page.

The page is updated January 2022.