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3 bright ideas on how to tell the story of your brand

The power of stories is unquestionable. We all want to share them, relate to them, feel the experience stemming from them and support the people.

As a brand, telling a comprehensive story which is clear, understandable and relatable will create trust among your audience. The story has to have a personality. Customers are selective rational spenders and being relatable and full of personality makes the brand somehow closer and human. Customers don’t want neutral, blend and impersonal.

Stories are not an advertisement in itself, they are authentic trustworthy basis according to which the brand’s personality has been evolved. Stories should mark why and under which circumstances was your business created and what motivates it in it’s ongoing operations. In the end, customers are buying the story of your brand, not just a product.

Instagram is a perfect channel to tell your story. You can easily get fun and creative, and reach a wide audience. Since it’s not that much about the text, there are no barriers to select the right visual expression for your brand’s story – or any language barriers. Let’s have a look at the ideas on how to share the story of your brand on Instagram.

1. Tell the story through amazing consistent content
As mentioned, Instagram is a very visual platform. Even though you can use captions below the pictures, videos and moving pictures (boomerangs), the power of Instagram lays in the aesthetic of the content itself. Consistent filters, use of the Instagram themes (colour coordinated theme, black&white theme, mixed white border theme, etc.), or the specific edit of the picture like the popular grain or colourful shadowing makes your content something nice to look at and it creates this beautiful and creative way to express the story and personality of your brand.

2. Show off the real everyday life
Or simply, humanize the brand. Show it’s story through the simple everyday life in the office, through the employees and their daily tasks, staff parties and diverse events the brand is a part of. Sharing the pictures and videos of people behind the brand and everyday life connected to the brand makes it less distant and corporate, and less misunderstood. The story should not be about money. It’s the people, atmosphere, common ideas and goals that make an interesting content.

3. Engage your audience
How can your audience relate to your brand’s story? Ask them to share a picture of how they use your products and how they see it. Making a little competition with a specific task related to your brand’s story plus a nice display of your customers’ pictures on your website and social media channels are nice motivation for people to engage and capture the spirit of your brand in their everyday lives. Your story creates a great framework for the overall marketing strategy. However, your satisfied customers and your engaged audience is what makes the whole business going.