Why UGC should be a part of your promotion mix


09 Mar Why UGC should be a part of your promotion mix

Today user-generated content (UGC) is perceived as the most trustworthy form of marketing. The positive outcome of its usage is very clear even when is used in paid advertisement. Campaigns gets 4 times higher click-through rate when using earned content. The question is no longer if you should consider using UGC but more about how to integrate it into your promotion mix. Utilization of UGC can take multiple forms. We have a listed the 4 most important ways to consider implementing earned content into your promotion mix.

Embed earned content on your website

UGC should always be featured on your website. Place your feed on the home page of your site to give new visitors an instant look of what your customers liked and experienced with your brand. This will have a direct effect on the exploration phase of the new visitors. Read about how UGC can be used to influence different customer life cycle phases here.

An inspiration earned content gallery page would not only allow new customers to browse between various content but also show them that your existing customers are happy to engage and post content about your brand.

Displaying UGC on relevant product pages is proven to drive significant conversions.


Despite where you placed the feed(s) make sure to include a call-to-action (CTA) text to encourage your customers to post more content and a description can also help your customers understand the content.


Utilize UGC across Social Media

Do not limit yourself to your online store; share your best user-generated photos, videos and more on your brand’s social media pages to show the followers how much your customers like your brand. Design and create a healthy mix of posts utilizing the stunning content created by your audience. It is all about the social media strategy to which extent you want to share the earned content. For instance take advantage of Instagram Stories and tell a story solely using UGC. Through Instagram you can also post directly to Facebook to cover more than one channel.

Display your UGC in-store, live events and/or displays

Earned content cannot only be online. Using UGC in-store has many benefits such as building trust in your brand, provides unique engagement opportunities, enables customer to tell your story and more importantly increase conversions. Showcasing your customers stories through in-store screens will directly influence buyers decision making process right on point-of-purchase.

Email marketing

Authenticity and visualization is also very vital in email marketing. UGC in emails sees a “43% increase in click-through rates and a 2-3X conversion rate.” Even traditional (buy one get two) sales newsletters can be more persuasive with UGC content. Email marketing still takes up a large sum of marketing efforts. According to Salesforce Marketing Cloud 20% of marketers say their primary stream of revenue comes directly from email operations. So whenever it’s possible include UGC in your email marketing strategy too.

How to gather UGC

Integrating UGC in your promotion mix is not always easy. Eventually new or product specific content will be needed. It’s crucial to create a call-to-action around your branded hashtag. One way to do it, is displaying it on all possible owned media or even in-store. In case your audience does not engage, other incentives are to consider for instance running an Instagram campaign to get content. Generally Instagram campaigns are not only providing marketing material but also gives your brand a social buzz.

The bottom line for UGC is the focus on retelling your customers experiences and stories to potential customers. Basically it’s sharing the authentic voice of the individuals. Future customers will recognize this and increase web traffic, conversion rates and sales.


UGC is a powerful tool, so the question is no longer if you should do it – but how to do it and how you can maximize the impact of this content. Still a bit stuck on how to create content using your audience for your brand? Our marketing strategists at Ducksuite will help guide your UGC campaign. Request a demo on the site and we will get you started.