What happens if Instagram changes the feed?

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16 Mar What happens if Instagram changes the feed?

Instagram will soon be testing a new personalized feed for its users, the company said on it’s blog. This will mean that Instagram will implement a algorithm based feed that sort images and videos based on what users are most likely to be interested in. The way is well known from social platforms Facebook and Twitter. The social media platform is working with a simple feed today that shows content from newest to oldest, which often leads to missing posts from friends.

Instagram co-founder and chief executive Kevin Systrom told the New York Times that people are only seeing around 30 percent of the posts on average. “What this is about is making sure that the 30 percent you see is the best 30 percent possible”, he said.

Brands re-thinking their approach

The company will be using machine-learning technology, as well as other signals of interest, to determine which of the content is most possible will make the users engage with it. This does not mean that any content posted on Instagram will disappear, but brands especially have to re-think their approach. Content of high quality is necessary in order for getting users to like, comment or share the content and that way the machine-learning technology will place future content in the top of users feeds.

A way to be on top of users feeds, is to use user-generated content that tells a great story about your brand and that comes from a user with a great follower base. By combining brand-made content and user-generated you will have the perfect mix for your visual marketing strategy and always stay current in the minds of your followers and fans.

Will first be testing

For now, only an unspecified single-digit percentage of users will test the algorithm. The resultat from this test will determine whether the changes will be permanently or scratched. But there’s every reason to assume they will be – among other things, Instagram is owned by Facebook which have the same type of algorithm and recently Instagram de-emphasized timestamps on posts by shrinking them and putting them underneath the photo.