Social influencers have nearly same clout as friends or neighbors


29 Jul Social influencers have nearly same clout as friends or neighbors

New research made by Annalect and Twitter tells us that social influencers have almost the same clout as our friends or neighbors. This is big news!

The research says that around 40 percent of respondents said that they have bought an item online after seeing it used or showcased by an social influencer on a platform such as Instagram, Vine, Youtube or Twitter. This is a huge number that underlines the power of social influencers and brands need to understand how to harness this to their advantage. Just a generation ago we saw marketers put household names on the front of cereal boxes and now we see that social influencers can sell products – people are highly influential and well-known based on their social media presence.

In the research 56% of the respondents said that they trust in recommendations from friends and 49% rely on the social influencers that they follow. Of course there can be an overlap of ones friends and the influencers they follow – but this is still a fascinating result.

Big social influencers vs ‘micro-influencers’

With the rise in the importance of social influencers it’s crucial that marketers create the correct strategy in order to gain as much engagement as possible. And for that you would think that big social influencers with 1 million to 10 million followers is your best bet? Well, guess again. Micro-influencers is on the rise and they kill it when it comes to engagement. ‘Micro-influencers’ is defined by having less than 10.000 followers.

A survey showed that more followers you have, the lower engagement will be – the difference can be a 200% increase in like rate. Comment rates follow the same pattern. So you are better off with using ‘micro-influencers’ in promoting your product or brand. The math is simple.

For example, if you use 3-5 big social influencers – thing is that most of their followers properly don’t find your product or brand interesting. By using 35-40 ‘micro-influencers’, getting them involved in your brand, showcasing them on your website, you will introduce your product or brand to a much deeper pool of potential customers that actually will find you interesting.

And with the changes in the Instagram algorithm we predict that post from ‘micro-influencers’ will become more visible on the platform. After all, content from friends and family members is often prioritized by any social network.