Keep up with e-commerce trends! We have new upgrades for you


19 Jan Keep up with e-commerce trends! We have new upgrades for you

New year, new Ducksuite. Or at least a upgraded Ducksuite. The power of user-generated content (UGC) has been unquestionably rising and this trend is gaining it’s power in the marketing strategies for the brands. We already introduced many of the benefits of UGC for you that many of the e-commerce experts swear to. Ducksuite is keeping up with the trends and has thus introduced new upgrades for it’s software which is helping brands to utilize UGC – to collect the content, curate the content that tells the story of the brand best, ask for the permission from its customers and publish it on brand’s social media channels or website. New upgrades include the options to shop the items and analyze the performance of the posts. Let’s have a sneak-peak look at them!

Shoppable gives your customers an easy way to shop the products featured in Instagram pictures and it’s directly connecting the option to buy your products from the pictures made by your very own best marketers – your customers. Add products to user-generated images and you will directly experience the obvious benefits to the shoppable option. It gives the brands a way to showcase trustworthy content with their own products connected to it. And it also gives the visitors a way to find great inspiration from like-minded people.

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Nice pictures set in certain lifestyle environment which are not coming only from celebrities and influencers, but also from the everyday customers make your new potential customers feel closer and more connected to the brand. This way your new customer is only one click away from the purchase. Shoppable makes sales easier for brands and for customers as well, since they are getting used to easy one-click shopping experiences. Keeping up with the current e-commerce shopping trends is the key for a successful brand.  

It is easy to simply pull off the numbers, but how is your UGC doing and what is your performance on the social media depends on a specific brand and the UGC and general content itself. With an analytics option, we have some good news for the data enthusiasts. You can easily track conversion rates and Average Order Value (AOV) from visitors that buys through user-generated content and those visitors that buy “normally”. You can easily see if the conversion rate and AOV is higher if they buy through UGC and base your future marketing strategies on it.

You can also get more information about your customers, which creates the basis for your business. See location from visitors who buys, see which products visitors click most on, buys most of and has the highest turnover, see how many products visitors have bought and the revenue of that. And last, but not least, see the  conversion funnel – the journey a consumer takes through your webshop leading to the purchase. Tracking and seeing the benefits of UGC and the way your e-commerce operates is essential and benefits are undeniable. Your potential customers are 2-3x more likely to buy from engagement from UGC, there is  6-20% higher AOV and minimum 5% higher click-through rate to product pages.

We hope our e-commerce solutions sparked an interest in you and we would gladly answer any question and provide you with some more information about these Ducksuite’s new upgrades and benefits. Feel free to reach out to us today.