How User-Generated Content Helps Your Brand

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21 Dec How User-Generated Content Helps Your Brand

As a business, you always look for ways to humanize your brand in order to create trust between the brand and your customers. One of the better avenues to help personalize your brand is social media and with audiences becoming more hyper-focused, brands are seeing success on social by providing user-generated content.

By effectively humanizing your brand makes you appear more like another friend in a consumers mind, instead of an let-me-sell-you-something pain. For marketers who aren’t seeing much interaction or social media engagement, it might be time to consider user-generated content. While it’s nice to know, that if you are shares one persons content or use it on the brands website, you can’t share and use everyone’s content. The good news is there are several other benefits to user-generated content that help your brand.

  • Provides SEO value Many brands don’t know this but user-generated content significantly helps your SEO. Kiss Metrics found of the world’s top 20 largest brands, 25% of their search results are linked to user-generated content. This means higher organic traffic to your website.
  • Increase sales A long existing problem for brands is keeping shopping. According to L2 Inc, when consumers see user-generated content in a buying decision while on a webshop, the conversion rate increases by 4.6%. Additionally, interactions with user-generated content while shopping increases conversion rate to 9.6%.
  • Build trust with consumers The purpose of user-generated content is to humanize your brand. And with 51% of consumers trusting user-generated content over information on your brand’s website, you can build better relationships with this content stream.
  • Increases your follower count By having a place on your website in order to showcase user-generated content, more will follow. People on social media will start to post content with your in order to be showcased and this means that their followers sees your brand. Some of them will be going to your company profile in order to follow you.

User-generated content can be tricky, but getting started implementing some of the best current user-generated content on social media on your website will benefit your brand in such a way, that you wish you would have started earlier. Driving more awareness to your consumers by using their content as of way to tell your brand’s story, will not only direct more people to your products or services better, but it will also show them your brand’s personality.