How UGC empowers Black Friday and Cyber Monday


02 Nov How UGC empowers Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Spooky Halloween madness is over and marketers are getting all ready for a November shopping spree, which precludes the merriest holidays of the year. Early purchase of Christmas gifts for the friends and family constitutes a great part of November shopping madness. And since everyone loves a good deal, Black Friday and online sales day Cyber Monday, are an excellent opportunity to sell and buy. This year, the consumer spending over Black Friday and Cyber Monday is predicted to grow by 47% from 2016. It’s quite a number, which has been rising from year to year. This year these two days fall on  24.11 (Black Friday) and 27.11 (Cyber Monday), so it’s time to get some inspiration on how to adjust your marketing strategy. The pressure is on.

Power of UGC

Most of the marketers have been ranking user-generated content (UGC) as the top way to distinguish their brand from the competition, so the power of UGC should not be underrated. Especially when it comes to these shopping spree holidays when retailers are earning 40% or more of their revenue than outside of the holiday season. First-time buyers and those purchasing a gift in your store or on your website would most certainly look for a shopping inspiration and recommendation from your customers, who already purchased a product. Thus it’s the best time to build up the amount of inspirational content from your users which will be used and needed for the holiday shopping rush. It is time to start collecting and publishing the best pictures of customer content directly on your website.


E-commerce sales grew 16% to 19% during the 2016 holiday season and most of the purchases during the Black Friday weekend are done through the mobile phone. Thus apart from a webshop you definitely need a good mobile version of your website and maybe even the possibility to have your items being shoppable through Instagram.  Most of the consumers use social media and seek validation before any purchase, so it definitely wouldn’t do any harm to have the lookbook of your products ready on your social media channels as well a lot of user-generated content. Having all the content ready is essential so that all the possible wannabe shoppers don’t get left in the cold and could purchase whatever they click at the time.

A good deal

Shoppers are keeping an eye on deals over the Black Friday weekend, so you better announce your discount or good value in advance. Use all your marketing platforms, promote competitions and friend referrals, boost shares and send out more of promotional e-mails. Don’t forget to include your UGC in  your promotional e-mails as posts and make your customers your brand ambassadors that way. Why do your customers specifically like your product? How did your customers styled your clothing line?  What kind of experience did they have at your cafe? Say it to others, post it, display it and send it all in an e-mail to attract more customers before the Christmas holidays. Do not overdue though. Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, so effective promotion of a good deal is the key.