How to make your brand attract Millennials


26 Jul How to make your brand attract Millennials

Millennials is notorious for being very hard to market to. Almost every single marketing team have made Millennials a priority and trying to figure out how to appeal to them. It’s a difficult task, because traditionel media won’t work the same way as it used to do. The generation is looking for brands that give them certain sentiments, cues and personalized experienced. Maybe your brand is not delivering that to them.

Want your brand to resonate with Millennials? Well – we are going to help you out! Here are some stats and pointers that your marketing team needs to know in order to engage with this generation that is so hard to get a hold off.

  • 84% of Millennials claim that they “do not like or trust all forms of advertising”
  • 71% of Millennials are daily users of social networks and are spending a daily average of 5.4 hours on social platforms
  • 81% show a preference for customized products
  • 63% say they’re more likely to be loyal to a brand that has a strong personality


Create trustworthy marketing

The vast majority of global consumers say that they would buy from a company that they consider to be authentic over all other competitors. So how do you create a authentic brand? First off all, they present their products in a truthful way. They showcase real customers photos enjoying and engaging with the brand product and displays them on their website. Authentic brands also gets involved in cases that matter to their community.

Use visual platforms

If you want to create engagement – and believe me you do, then you need to be active on visual platforms. Generation Z actually communicates best with images. This means that brands that are active on social platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, Vine, Youtube and Snapchat should expect to see a much higher level of engagement.

Use influencers and peers

Millennials don’t just trust everyone. It is key for marketers to encourage online conversation between current and potential customers. In order to do that, the best way is to use social media influencers and your customers’ peers.

Communicate online

With 5.4 hours average spend on social media every single day, the way to communicate with Millennials is on the Internet and through social media. If your brand is able to reach Millennials online, they will properly help spred the word of your brand message. But only if the brand ads resonate with them.