Haunting UGC ideas for your Halloween campaign


04 Oct Haunting UGC ideas for your Halloween campaign

It’s almost 31st of October, it’s almost Halloween! Apart from partying, bonfire lighting, pumpkin carving and candy eating, Halloween also represents a big business for brands. Thus marketing strategy, particularly through the social media channels, should be related to these holidays. Leverage of user-generated content, as one of the most powerful tools to engage your audience, is one of the best ways to approach Halloween craziness in style. We prepared 5 inspirational tips how to do so.

Pumpkins everywhere! Ask your audience to carve a pumpkin! This scary holiday provide you with a good incentive to start a social campaign around something we will probably all be doing no matter what – carving a pumpkin.

Freaky scary costumes. Instagram competition regarding the best and scariest costume is a nice way to spur your audience’s creativity, especially for those who love to dress up for the occasion.

Engage through hashtags. Post a nice Halloween related picture with the relevant hashtag on your social media and wait for the others to engage as well. Further display all of the pictures of your audience spurs more and more creativity.

Themed giveaway. Ask your followers what their favorite Halloween candy is or scariest Halloween movie they’ve ever seen and reward them for their answers and their Instagram activity with something nice Halloween-like!

Be spooky and silly. There are many options how to engage your audience over Halloween and a good thing for your marketing strategy is that you can get a bit sillier and creative with your campaigns. A nice example is an Oreo campaign #Oreolab, during which people were asked to come up with the name for “nomsters”, monsters made up of Oreo cookies.

So whether it’s photos of costumes or pumpkins or whatever else you find relatable to your brand, engagement of your audience during the holidays will provide you with a lot of content to display and share on your website or your own social media channels. And even though these small tips are oriented towards Halloween, the general fundamental truth remains – engaging with your audience and usage of holidays throughout the year to add another level of experiential engagement into your social campaigns, is essential.