Guide on implementing UGC in Your Marketing Strategy Part 2 – How to Design Your First UGC Campaign


23 Jun Guide on implementing UGC in Your Marketing Strategy Part 2 – How to Design Your First UGC Campaign

Today over 3.5 billion photos are shared on social media channels on a daily basis.To take advantage of that brands can curate from existing content from social media channels, run contests for submission, or partner up with influencers to make the content for them.

It sure sounds easy. But bringing UGC into the marketing mix, legal matter could arise around the permission and usage of the content. And because it is user-generated you won’t have full control over the created content, therefore to avoid getting content that isn’t compelling; you can create clear guidelines for what you are asking for to gather content that represents your brand’s image and story. That is why you need to consider the following campaign design principals before you launch your UGC campaign.

  1. Research to know your target audience

It is just as important to know who you are trying to engage with your Instagram campaigns as how you plan to reach them. Your plan is to create a buzz and a lot of engagement so it is always a good idea to create a strategy around content that your audience would actually want to engage with. The more you know about your audience the better you can tailor the campaign for their needs which ultimately means a higher engagement.

Most likely, you already have UGC on Instagram about your brand; you just might not be aware of it. You can obviously go through Instagram manually searching with hashtags, location etc. but it is more efficient to use an Instagram screening tool, like Ducksuite’s search tool that can simplify the screening process for you. Having this research conducted you can already have an idea if you plan to join existing conversations or start new one.

  1. Set an Objective for the campaign

Before going straight into an Instagram marketing campaign, it’s important to plan it out first. Initially be clear about your goal with the campaign: Do you want to raise brand awareness, sell your product or wish to prepare for a new product launch?

You also want to make sure that you are on the same page with your team on how to select and curate the best content. For easier governance develop a campaign brief that explains what meets your brand guidelines so the content can be seamlessly approved for later use.

Lastly, set up KPIs and metrics prior the campaign. Setting goals will help you to measure the results otherwise how will you know if it’s working? Your goals could be reaching 500 submissions, 1000 shares, increased number of followers or products sold during the campaign. By creating a campaign brief with goals, guidelines and KPIs; you will be prepared to drive a successful campaign.

  1. Create a Plan For Your Instagram Marketing Campaign:

After having a well-defined purpose, goals and a clear vision who you are aiming to reach, the next step is the implementation of the campaign.

The best way to go is organizing a road map addressing some more practical questions, like:

  • How long will the Instagram campaign be running for?
  • How many posts will you publish to promote you campaign?
  • Which channels will you utilize for promotion?
  • What kind of content will you use in these posts?
  • Are you going to use influencers to boost the reach?

Whatever method you choose to go with remember to use high quality, interactive content that entices users to like, share or comment.

Coming up with a fun, recognizable and shareable hashtag is key for success. We strongly recommend doing a research around the hashtag which is funky enough to build anticipation but its specific to your brand. Come up with a hashtag that is traceable and unique so you can clearly track how the campaign performs.

  1. Be clear about permissions

If you wish to reuse the collected content on your website or in your marketing communication, it is absolutely vital to get your audiences’ permission and be clear about what you plan to do with their content. If you fail to do so, they might get upset (may even take legal action) and that might demolish the relationship you built. The secure way is to obtain permission for each of the copyright holder of images in order for it to be reused.  With Ducksuite’s platform you can do it automatically through the so called “hashtag consent” method.  Hashtag consent is done by sending a in-channel message after they have uploaded the image, asking them to write an additional hashtag in the comment field to demonstrate their consent. By getting a permission from the user for using the specific content, ensures that your brand and the consumer have a mutual agreement on the later usage of the photo.

  1. Boosting your campaign using influencers and your homepage

If you decide to work with influencers, ensure to take proper precautions. As the rules have changed, there are some fundamental requirements for how to work with influencers without getting in trouble. So if you give something (whether it’s the product or cash) to an influencer to feature and endorse your product on their platform it is considered as a marketing agreement. So you should always make sure that the influencer discloses it. You can read more about it here.

Another great way to boost your reach and get more participants is to create a dedicated UGC feed showcasing the best content on your webpage. Displaying pictures can draw a lot of attention of website visitors to your campaign.

UGC campaigns are popular for a reason: they’re fun, popular, and great for both driving engagement and reaching a new audience. For those who is getting started on their first few campaigns, jumping into UGC can feel really challenging. But having the right approach and strategy, brands of all sizes can engage customers with authenticity. Driving more awareness to your consumers by using their content as of way to tell your brand’s story, will not only direct more people to your products or services better, but it will also show them your brand’s personality.


UGC is a powerful tool, so the question is no longer if you should do it – but how to do it and how you can maximize the impact of this content. Still a bit stuck on how to create content using your audience for your brand? Our marketing strategists at Ducksuite will help guide your UGC campaign. Request a demo on the site and we will get you started.