Guide on implementing UGC in Your Marketing Strategy Part 1 – Building a Vibrant & Engaged Community


13 Jun Guide on implementing UGC in Your Marketing Strategy Part 1 – Building a Vibrant & Engaged Community

More and more companies despite size and marketing budget are tapping into user-generated content (UGC) to create authentic campaigns that resonate with their audience in an innovative way.

Why user-generated content marketing works? 

UGC embrace authenticity: UGC is 48% more trusted than information among consumers from any other media source. Brands are realizing that they can generate more sales through authentic content than they can with traditional branded campaigns.

UGC is cost-effective: UGC strategies are relying on content that was created solely by consumers – it requires less resources compared to traditional advertising materials. When companies involve consumers in their communication strategy it fosters higher level of excitement, which enables their audiences to share organic and authentic content.

Find out how UGC effects your brand here.

How to implement an effective UGC strategy

Since there are a wide range of strategies available it may be difficult to start launching your own. Campaigns for UGC could be contest, hashtag, review or influencer based. There are multiple strategies you can consider to start your UGC marketing so we listed our tips to help you to make the most out of it.

1. Understand the risks of launching a UGC campaign

Before considering any strategies it is crucial to point out the risks involved with user-generated content. Involving your customers in your brand communication strategy is like handing over a megaphone to allowing them to say what they want. On the other hand you cannot control your audience; they will find a way to be heard anyway. Ultimately the solution is to be prepared for having an open conversation and ensure you are always delivering a great value to your customers (obviously).

2. Curate your gallery with precision

Identify the style of content that matches your brand identity. When showcasing your UGC on your website, be thoughtful and selective about what you display. The ultimate goal is to create a consistency throughout the inspiration feed but keeping it authentic. For example when you are running a UGC campaign you shouldn’t feel the urge to share all the submitted content. Instead you can go for the ones you think are the most innovative and unique. The universal law of quality versus quantity is very much the key foundation of a successful UGC strategy.


3. Aim for sharing your brand’s story

Asking customers to share a photo about your product is okay, but it will only tell your website visitors about the product and not your average customers. A more vital strategy is to ask fans to share content that reflects their lifestyle and experiences that your product supports. That will make it easier for potential customers to connect with your brand. To make sure your customers get the memo, express your interest and show your unique branded hashtags on all your communication channels (webpage, social media channels, newsletter).

4. Keep the relationship going

In order to have your continuous content flow, pay attention to user nurturing. Actively engage with users that submit content, keep the conversation going, and build out the relationship. Thank them and compliment their photo or video submission. That will keep the conversation going.

5. Trace user-generated content

Since UGC isn’t created on owned media properties, it can seem difficult to keep track. But actually tracking UGC on Instagram is easier than you may think. Through Ducksuite not only you can track hashtags but also on location tags, which allows you to find UGC even when it isn’t tagged with your branded hashtag.

6. Embed your UGC feed on multiple pages to infl­uence all customer lifecycle phases

  • Homepage – Initial discovery
  • ­Gallery of inspiration page – Exploration
  • ­Individual product page – Point of Purchase

Having UGC feed implemented on different pages ensures to have one more channel to educate your customers through a well-trusted source with non-manipulated pictures from real people. The authenticity of the unique content can be the ultimate key of getting your customers to purchase. Read more about it here.

7. Use the earned content strategically

Always be cautious and do not abuse your audiences’ content and ask for permission first to earn trust. With the help of Ducksuite’s platform you get permission with just one click from users. Additionally it makes sure you only showcase pictures with permission granted, so you cannot possibly violate content creators’ rights. Use the earned content to create engaging omni-channel experiences such as showcase on venues, events, in-store, UGC paid ads, sponsorable assets, social media, and website/webshop.

The next part will be focusing on creating UGC campaigns through tips and tricks.


UGC is a powerful tool, so the question is no longer if you should do it – but how to do it and how you can maximize the impact of this content. Still a bit stuck on how to create content using your audience for your brand? Our marketing strategists at Ducksuite will help guide your UGC campaign. Request a demo on the site and we will get you started.