Get to know the trends among young travellers


18 Oct Get to know the trends among young travellers

Generation Z is a demographic cohort, just like Baby boomers, Generation X and Millennials and it covers the youngest generation – people born in late 1990’s up until those born around 2010. Common traits typical for certain generations are severely important to consider for all marketers, since the marketing strategy has to be oriented towards the needs of certain groups of people, often times specific generations. Also, upcoming generation, which is gaining the purchasing power represents the new target audience for companies and has to be analysed and understood. We will have a look at the powerful travel industry, which serves as a good example to showcase the nature of Gen Z and their needs and preferences when setting off for their trip. Let’s wander!

Adventures, adventures, adventures.
Overall, Gen Z has less money to travel (obviously, as still being very young) but much more time, which they don’t want to spend on luxury or comfort but on adventures, which raise their adrenaline. Z’ers goal is to get to know his or her destination “for real” and experience it with it’s full potential, one step at a time. Adventures might include extreme sports, living with the indigenous people for some time or a use of bicycle as a mean of transport. The opportunities are limitless. So yes, 3-day packaged holiday are definitely a no-go for this generation of young explorers.

Good story
It’s been well-known that currently Millennials (generation of people born between 1981 and 1997) travel the most, but Gen Z is emerging as a travel generation right behind them. What distinguishes these two generations is the importance of a story behind the travelling for Z’ers. Since they mostly use digital technologies as cameras and phones, story told visually through video is the key. A noteworthy pattern going with the rise of video is a story well-told, and yes, especially viable is a mix of storytelling and visual content advertising.

Social Media
A research conducted by Expedia showcased that 90% of Gen Z travellers are influenced by social media. Young travellers have perpetually changed travel and the way that brands showcase travel experiences and travel-related items. From the importance of innovations and tech applications to the expanding importance of brand influencers and peers with shared visual user-generated content, that is what shapes the business these days. If a Gen Z traveler needs an inspiration or recommendation, it can be found on social media in the form of pictures and videos shared from peers, friends or family. Travel companies and agencies should thus use their visual material from customers or influencers to help this new generation of travellers to find the the best spots to eat, cool hostels to sleep in and interesting experiences to enjoy outside of their comfort zone.

What to do?
By implementing images and videos from travellers and influencers directly on your site, it gives your visitors to your site a greater inspiration on where to travel and what to visit. As a brand you give your visitors a different take on the places to travel instead of just showing stockphotos or perfect pictures taken by your self. As consumers we want to see what others have experienced, so we seek inspiration from others which builds trust.

Let your site be the place for Gen Z and others to seek out inspiration on their next adventure – it will benefit your brand.