Embrace the power of #hashtag


15 Nov Embrace the power of #hashtag

Hashtags are everywhere. Hashtag is “a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media websites and applications, especially Twitter, to identify messages on a specific topic”. That is the definition of hashtag by Oxford English Dictionary, but everyone knows what hashtag stands for these days anyways – hashtags label content. They started to be used on Twitter, but now you can use hashtags on other social platforms, such as Facebook or Instagram. The power of hashtag is unquestionable and it also creates the base of social media marketing.

Therefore for marketers it is important to track the brand’s influence and see how the products are used and liked. Subsequently they can engage with their audience, and use the content generated by their customers. Let’s narrow it down and look at Instagram – how to embrace the power of hashtag on Instagram.

Create your own hashtag or hashtags

Having a brand hashtag according to which people can search brand’s products is definitely the essential. Apart from that, developing specific hashtags for the particular occasions also needs to be considered. It creates the awareness of a brand as well as a stock of content which can be used further. For example, Kvik Kitchen has an official Instagram hashtag #kvikkitchen and according to this hashtag, pictures by Kvik’s customers are easily found on Instagram. However, during the competition Kvik announced last month (October 2017), pictures were supposed to be uploaded under the hashtag #coolkitchenlife. Based on this hashtag, competitors with their pictures were easily found and winners were assessed.


When you have a hashtag, see how many pictures are posted under your brand’s hashtag and track the increase. There are many marketing analytics tracking tools to see the performance of your hashtags or you can just simply see how many posts are daily uploaded under your hashtag and assess the performance based on that.


Spark, search and unite conversations happening across the internet. By the encouraging conversation under your hashtags you inspire users to upload more photos for the chance to be featured on your brand’s social media channels or homepage. Conversation would make your customers feel as being a part of your brand’s culture and conversation creates this strong community feeling among people included in the debate. Another great benefit of the engagement with your audience is that your social media reach and boost would thus be way higher as well. The more you and your customers engage, the larger the pool of people who would be exposed to the particular content. Easy algorithm! Creating opportunities for consumers to express themselves through the picture on Instagram on a given subject or product typically increases the amount of time they spend within a branded environment as well. 


Last, but not least – use the content your customers created for you! Through the hashtag search, you actually get to know your target audience and you are also getting a special insight into uniqueness of the content. Why wouldn’t you share it with the others? Collect the content, curate it and ask the creators for the permission. In the end, you can share it on your website, on your social media channels, or use it for your other marketing materials. When you’re using visual content from your customers you are not only increasing your sales and getting more followers, but you are also getting happier customers of your products.  And since 92% of people would rather trust a recommendation from another person than marketing content from a brand, the effective usage of user-generated content is definitely vital.