Check out the trends of 2018!


06 Dec Check out the trends of 2018!

With the new year, there always comes a new marketing strategy. During thoughtful preparation, it’s important to keep track of the often changing trends that alter and shape every day. Of course, we do not know for 100 percent what 2018 will bring, but we can always predict the main elements of global marketing. since we are slowly seeing an overall atmosphere in marketing worldwide. Let’s get into this and have a look at the most anticipated trends in 2018.

Ephemeral content
Or simply said, disappearing content. By now, everyone is familiar with the short-lived content which first started out to be popular on Snapchat, but Instagram and Facebook quickly followed the lead to give their users the opportunity to post content that eventually disappears. It’s because there is something exciting about content that disappears. It makes your audience very focused and present when they are checking your Snapchat or Instagram since they will eventually not be able to look back at it and they have a “fear to miss out”. Get silly, funny and creative with your stories. They are an inexpensive way to show less polished, funny ways expressing the authentic story of your brand.

Much more of user-generated content (UGC)
Content that’s created by real people showing off their own ideas and real lives in real time. We might all be a little bit over the pushy advertisement and would rather trust and get inspired by “people like us”. It’s much more trusted and authentic when brands promote pictures and content from their own users, subscribers, customers, fans and audience. And even though UGC already has been a well-known phenomenon among marketers, 2018 will be a year of a much heavier usage of it. Reviews from your happy smiling customers are a very simple way to use UGC, but creating an engaged community with a quality content around your brand’s hashtags would be the next step. People like to create content – either pictures, videos or live stories – for the brands they like. Encourage them to be your quality creative marketers themselves. UGC is not only growing on importance now, but it’s a long-term strategy what will not fade away from the marketing discussions anytime soon. Create a good cause or campaign to engage people, it is definitely worth it to spend energy, time and finances into your UGC content strategy.

More focus on Gen Z-ers
Generation Z would be the new target generation since the oldest Gen-Z-ers are now 22 years old and that’s the time when they’re acquiring more purchasing power. Seeing your target audiences through the generational lenses is a very helpful way to delve into the minds of your customers, since there are defining differences among all the generations which are related to their purchasing behaviour. Generation Z is a mobile-friendly and social media-friendly generation that wants to be more involved, integrated and valued by, by the brands. And that’s what brands have to take into account.

To sum up, 2018 would definitely be full of engaged customers looking for authenticity. People would be very engaged on social media and especially through ongoing content that would keep them online. Adjust your 2018 marketing strategy more towards your customers and their engagement and keep up with the global marketing trends that way. It’s going to be a successful 2018!