Celebrate “micro” holidays and your followers will love you for it


11 May Celebrate “micro” holidays and your followers will love you for it

Key dates as national holidays, Black Friday or campaigns are already filled (or should be) in your social media content calendar. Obviously there are months that are way more hectic and busy compared to others. From October to January your calendar is completely full with big sales, holiday special content and so forth. But after that comes the slower months like February where you have less resources and the struggle for social content is real.

Since the fluctuation is very high, how could you as a social manager survive these times. One option is to include the so-called micro holidays in your social media calendar. Celebrating these is an excellent way to create a buzz on slow days and create conversation on your social media channels.

Giving the opportunity to your followers to engage with your brand not only through your products or services but in a more social and humorous way can really create the bond. It is also a great way to fill up your UGC “inventory” and gather fun, visual content right from your followers. After that it’s all about how creative you can get with the collected content. Integrating user-generated content into your webpage will help you to share the authentic voice of your followers. Future customers will recognize this and the authenticity of the unique content can be the ultimate key to getting the visitors to purchase.

The majority of Danish holidays happen in the first six months of the year, so here is a list of potential micro holidays you can celebrate on social media— but always remember that any content you put out should still be relevant to your business and resonate with your brand.holidaycalendar

Here are a few ideas from us to get the most out of the collected UGC

#TalkLikeAPirate: A make-up competition? Yes! Showcase all the contestants’ content into one feed on your webpage and increase traffic.

#BookLoversDay: Get your fans to post quotes and share recommendations of their favorite books in a form of campaign. A give away maybe? Collect the best ones and celebrate Book lovers day on your homepage through Ducksuite’s platform.

#CoffeeDay: We all love coffee. So do your fans. Make it a fun day and change your feed to show how you as a company start your day (and end it with a good cup of coffee).


UGC is a powerful tool, so the question is no longer if you should do it – but how to do it and how you can maximize the impact of this content. Still a bit stuck on how to create content using your audience for your brand? Our marketing strategists at Ducksuite will help guide your UGC campaign. Request a demo on the site and we will get you started.