3 ways to personalize your brand

Selling a product or providing a service is not about the display of a product or service itself anymore. Connecting with the people's personal identity, culture, arts, beliefs and appealing to your customer's way of living or desired way of living is a way to...

Why UGC should be a part of your promotion mix

Today user-generated content (UGC) is perceived as the most trustworthy form of marketing. The positive outcome of its usage is very clear even when is used in paid advertisement. Campaigns gets 4 times higher click-through rate when using earned content. The question is no longer...

The Pinnacle List
How to overcome content overload

Remember the early days of the Internet? The tune of the modem with the oddly dial-up noise, you always had to shut down the connection when someone had to make a call from the house phone - and waiting for one of the few pages...