02 Mar Instagram kills of feed reading apps

From June 1 2016 Instagram will be closing down for any feed reading apps. This comes after a app was stealing Instagram passwords from users. This will mean, that alot of feed reading apps will have to change in order to follow the new rules...

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The Pinnacle List

15 Feb How to overcome content overload

Remember the early days of the Internet? The tune of the modem with the oddly dial-up noise, you always had to shut down the connection when someone had to make a call from the house phone - and waiting for one of the few pages...

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08 Feb UGC and Rights Management

Rights management for UGC The explosion of User-generated content, or UGC has shifted the way people interact with brands. Instead of consumers taking the brands saying for the truth, consumers are turning to each other for trustworthy and unbiased opinions. These opinions is more and more...

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Illuminated and decorated Christmas tree in forest at night

02 Dec Instagram tips

Last-minute Instagram tips for the holiday Christmas is the time for many retailers, where the main revenue is made and with high level of competition it’s important to increase traffic to your website or store. An easy and simpel way to do this is with Instagram. Social...

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16 Oct How marketers can benefit from Instagram

How marketers can benefit from Instagram More and more companies in US are getting aware of the power of user-generated content and have therefore integrated Instagram in their marketing strategy. In Europe we don’t see the same engagement from companies towards social media. We do see companies on...

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