06 Sep 3 ways to personalize your brand

Selling a product or providing a service is not about the display of a product or service itself anymore. Connecting with the people's personal identity, culture, arts, beliefs and appealing to your customer's way of living or desired way of living is a way to...

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13 Jun Guide on implementing UGC in Your Marketing Strategy Part 1 – Building a Vibrant & Engaged Community

More and more companies despite size and marketing budget are tapping into user-generated content (UGC) to create authentic campaigns that resonate with their audience in an innovative way. Why user-generated content marketing works?  UGC embrace authenticity: UGC is 48% more trusted than information among consumers from any other...

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10 Mar Inside Sales Associate

Ducksuite er en SaaS visual marketing platform, der gør det muligt for virksomheder at benytte visuelt brugergenereret indhold i form af billeder og videoer fra de sociale medier på egne platforme - såsom websites, skærme og til liveevents. Vi er i rivende udvikling og søger...

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09 Mar Why UGC should be a part of your promotion mix

Today user-generated content (UGC) is perceived as the most trustworthy form of marketing. The positive outcome of its usage is very clear even when is used in paid advertisement. Campaigns gets 4 times higher click-through rate when using earned content. The question is no longer...

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