All I want for Christmas is UGC


27 Nov All I want for Christmas is UGC

The merriest holiday season is approaching us without restrain and Christmas marketing is already in a full swing as well. Christmas are considered one of the most enjoyable holidays, where family and traditional food play its important role. When it comes to marketing, brands are competing very hard to get consumer’s attention and they are using advertising campaigns and spending most of their budget relocated for the marketing purposes. However, it does not have to be like that and more efficient and cheaper options are very feasible as well.

The question is – how do you connect with the audience that is already inundated with advertisements and at the same time, don’t spend the whole budget on your Christmas marketing strategy? The answer is, that you encourage your audience to be a hero and create the trustworthy content for you. Businesses that can successfully leverage user-generated content (UGC) are those that will develop a closer relationship with their fans. It’s not a Christmas miracle, but a fact. UGC simply drives your revenues and demonstrates your company’s value.

And even though most people today “learned” to ignore advertisements, especially during the Christmas time, showcasing authentic photos of your audience drives your intended message while encouraging a deeper, emotional interest from your current customers and new possible customers. Authenticity of the real people, in real moments, using your products or services is a happy and merry way to go.

When you’re leveraging UGC in general, you could feature case studies and customer stories in your blog posts, share their social media posts (like Instagram posts) in your content, or even run a competition on your website and get customers to create content that you can use to market your business.  However, we have 3 tiny ideas on how to leverage the UGC specifically during the Christmas period and inspire to do a little extra during the festive season.

Capture the spirit of Christmas

How does your brand personality relate to the Christmas atmosphere? During the Christmas time, it’s important to work with emotions that these holidays bring to your audience – is it mostly surprise, excitement or happiness that the feel throughout the festive season? Find the emotion you want to target and add-in your brand to it. When it comes to the Christmas spirit, people also love stories. Engage the audience through UGC and make them tell their Christmas story through a picture or video. It’s all about finding ways to generate genuine engagement and content from users that ties in with your main campaign.

Christmas gift guide

Create an amazing gift guide and of course, incorporate your products in it! Ask your customers for entries as well – encourage them share a picture of the Christmas gift they got or will give to their closest friends and family. Obviously, pictures should include your product or service.

Create a cause

And be sincere about it, Christmas time is about giving to others. Ask your customers to post a picture related to your cause and promise to donate based on engagement. Whether it’s an awareness campaign or a donation drive, you not only do good, but also drive engagement on your platform and under your hashtags.

In the end, it is never too late to engage with your audience.

Merry Christmas!