3 ways to personalize your brand


06 Sep 3 ways to personalize your brand

Selling a product or providing a service is not about the display of a product or service itself anymore. Connecting with the people’s personal identity, culture, arts, beliefs and appealing to your customer’s way of living or desired way of living is a way to go. What are your customers or potential customers lives like? And how does your company fit into it?

Of course, user-generated content (UGC) plays its role in the whole lifestyle content marketing scenario. It’s a perfect way to showcase the lifestyle at its best – from the content created by the actual customers. SACKit, a Danish company producing quality functional furniture is a great example showcasing the usefulness and beauty of “hyggelige” pictures of it’s customers’. Nice cozy atmosphere, warm colors and furniture set in a context of a home assembling family, friends and the good times spent in a good company are what comes to customer’s mind. Quality of the product is unquestionable, however, what SACKit reminds people of, how they ”feel” about the product and whether they identify their current or wanted lifestyle with it, is crucial.

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And so, how does the UGC fit into the lifestyle-related showcase of the products and services?

Content that doesn’t feel like a hard sell is key

Direct, more forceful and overt sales message is not as appealing to the customers’ as the soft sell. UGC is a casual way to approach the customers’ and let them see the product in the real context which they can relate to. This way you don’t give a pushy “selling” impression and you get to know your customers’ better. What do they like or like to do? What are their hobbies? What music/movies are they listening to/watching? And all that fun stuff.

Selling a lifestyle gives you the flexibility to appeal to different customers’ in new ways

Showing off different ways customers’ use and showcase the product on their Instagram pictures is a great tool marketers use to appeal to distinct target groups. In the end, happy customers’ themselves are the best marketers and their personal unique approach to the Instagram pictures is showing off different lifestyles and ways of how the product is used, which expands the pool of people interested in the product.

Think beyond the purchase

Showcasing how the product fits into the daily life of its customers’ is crucial. Are you a company delivering flowers? Wouldn’t it be nice to show how your product fits to people’s lives and thus show it in more of a contextual light?

A picture of a smiling bride with the flowers. A picture of a student with the bouquet on a graduation day. Or just a simple flower on a family’s dinner table full of nice food?

You don’t promote the sole flower delivery. Maybe you also sell the feeling of thankfulness, appreciation or happiness. As idealistic as it sounds.