3 tips to make the perfect social Easter campaign


16 Mar 3 tips to make the perfect social Easter campaign

The time spent on social media increases during holiday seasons. Consumers looks at them for gift ideas before and during the holidays. This means holidays are the opportunity to increase your business through social media awareness and, especially it’s the occasion to reach your audience.

This article will give you advices on how to be prepared for the next social media campaign during holiday season. In the second part it’s possible to find two of the best Easter digital marketing campaigns of 2017, to use for inspirational ideas.

  1. Get awareness on your audience and learn how to engage them

It’s important to have a plan, research and target your audience. Once you have identified your key segments, develop a strategy to engage them. Probably different segments require different marketing approaches. In this process is fundamental to use social media smartly. This means that you will have to dedicate some time and effort in it.

So, research, develop awareness, and plan!

  1. Remember that time is fundamental

Many consumers shop in advance from holidays due to increase in prices. So be prepare to engage your audience some time before the holiday season. This doesn’t mean you have to bombard consumers months and months in advance. Try to find a balance and avoid to bother the audience with “too much”. Once you have the perfect strategy for each segment, then create an outstanding content and schedule your posts.

  1. Use emotions to humanize your campaign

It’s easier said than done but put some effort in being authentic. Through establishing an emotional connection with your audience you can engage them and make them affiliate to your brand for something even bigger than quality. Evoke positive reaction and feelings. A good way to do so it’s through using a theme.

Here two examples of fun and successful Easter digital marketing campaigns of 2017. Get inspired for the upcoming holidays: it’s chocolate season open your door to eggs and bunnies.

Carlsberg – The chocolate pop-up store!

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 15.02.00`Part of their marketing campaign #IfCarlsbergDid they created a chocolate pop up store for Easter last year. They were offering half pint of beer inside chocolate glasses! Such a genius idea that draw a lot of attention on social media. They were able to take advantage of the holidays to engage consumers and raise their brand awareness.

Cadbury – #EggsEverywhere


Cadbury chocolate, to do something innovative, placed three huge chocolate eggs with their wrapping into the Scottish Highlands playing with the legend of the Loch Ness monster. The eggs became an attraction and Cadbury got a lot of social media engagement from consumers, raising awareness on their brand in a fun way.